Dear Alumni and Friends of the GPGC:

The GPGC needs your immediate help! As you may know, the State of Louisiana is facing a budget crisis and the Governor and state lawmakers are looking everywhere for items in the budget to cut. I am writing to you now to ask you to immediately contact your elected State officials – your Representative, Senator, and the Governor – and tell them how important the Governor’s Program is to you and why it should continue to be funded by the State of Louisiana.

As of right now, the Governor’s Program is funded through a line item in McNeese State University’s budget. When McNeese’s budget is cut the Governor’s Program gets cut by that same percentage. The University (and therefore the Program) is anticipating a 20-30% cut in its appropriation this year. This cut will make it extremely difficult for the Governor’s Program to continue to offer the same quality and diversity of enrichment opportunities that it has for the past 50 years. There is also a strong possibility that the Governor’s Program’s appropriation will be cut entirely from the budget. If this happens it will probably mean the end of the GPGC.

Please help the GPGC by immediately contacting your elected state officials. Personal letters and calls are the best way to communicate with them but if nothing else please take the time to send them an email. In your message please include the following points:

You can find out who your Representatives and Senators are as well as their contact information by visiting the Louisiana Legislature’s website:

Please take a few minutes and do this as soon as you can. The State Legislature is meeting now and discussing the state budget daily. If you do contact your legislators and the Governor please do let me know – we are trying to keep track so we can follow up with them if necessary. Please send me an email with the following information: who you contacted, when you contacted them, and the basic message that you expressed to them as well as how they responded to the message. My email address for this effort is:

More information, as well as a sample letter to elected officials is available at the alumni website: If you would like to do more to help there are several additional things that you can do, and we have outlined them at the website.

Thanks for your support and rapid response,

Zart Dombourian-Eby
Chair, Friends of the Governor’s Program for Gifted Children

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