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Reunion Requests for Stuff!

Things we need for the reunion:

The GPGC Alumni Association would like your input and help with the following projects. Please look over what interests you and participate even if you aren't planning on coming to the Reunion - you can still add to everyone's enjoyment and celebration of the 50th session of the GPGC. Please click on a link below to go to that section of this reunion requests page.

Reunion Merchandise Survey

We are planning on having lots of reunion memorabilia and souvenirs available for purchase at the reunion. We would greatly appreciate your input on the types of things you would be interested in. We have created an online survey and ask you please to take five minutes or so to fill it out. The survey can be found at:

Please take the time to fill out the survey even if you are not planning to come to the Reunion. We plan to make these items available by mail order as well.

Alumni Miles To Go

We need your help in putting together an Alum Miles to Go!

As part of the upcoming GPGC 50th Anniversary Reunion, we are issuing a special alumni edition of Miles to Go. It's going to be a compilation of all new works from alumni and have a Best Of section.

We need submissions! We'll consider any previously unpublished creative work, including fiction, poetry, musical compositions, photography, and artwork. If you have published in professional journals or elsewhere and would like to submit an abstract of the work, we'll take that too.

TO SUBMIT: Please send each submission as an individual attachment, rather than all compiled into one attachment or written in the body of the email. Please send to with the subject line "Submissions."

As for the Best Of section, we'd like to include re-prints of especially popular or iconic Miles to Go works from previous years. We're looking for nominations of any such pieces from your days at the Program.

TO NOMINATE: Please send as much information as possible about each nomination: title, author, year published, and page number, if you have it. Scanned files of nominations would also work; if it's a short work and you feel inclined to re-type it and submit an attachment, that would work too. Send nominations to with the subject line "Best Of."

Submission/nomination deadline is May 15!

We'll have information soon on how you can get your copy of the special alumni edition.

Thank you in advance for the submissions and nominations!

Suzanne Bayard Carlile
class of 92

Logo / T-shirt / Poster Design Contest

We invite all of you to submit designs for the Reunion in the following categories (but they could all be the same design):

Logo: this should be simple enough that it can be printed in one color on a coffee mug, or a name tag, etc.

T-shirt: this design can be more involved than the simple logo design but should take into account the limitations of printing on t-shirts. Please contact me if you have any questions about what these limitations are but, simply put, the print area (on the front or back ? that?s a design question, up to you) should be 8X10 inches and include no more than four colors. If you decide to do a shirt with a back imprint, the shirt could also have a smaller imprint on the front, usually found at the left chest, but could really be anywhere.

Poster: we would like to produce a professionally done poster to commemorate the reunion and the 50th session of the GPGC. This design could be as simple or involved as you would like, and there are basically no limitations to it. We envision the size of this poster to be 11X17 inches, but could be talked into something bigger or smaller depending on the design and costs.

Again, we welcome submissions for any or all three of these categories. We will need all submissions in by May 15th, 2008. If you win you will receive at least one of each item that your design is used for.

FYI: the Program has been using the symbolism of acorns and oak trees for the past twenty years or so. You can see the current version of our logo at: and please feel free to email me if you would like to see previous versions of our logos.

I would like to make it clear that everyone is welcome to submit designs - not just those of you that are lucky enough to be able to attend the Reunion.

Please send all submissions to: no later than May 15th, 2008.

Thank you very much for your time,

Josh Brown, Class of 1986
Chair, Design Committee

Photos and other Memorabilia

Information coming soon!